History of Temple

Located off Interstate I-20, 42 miles west of Atlanta and 11 miles north of Carrollton, with a population around 4500, the city is governed by the mayor and 5 council members.

Temple became known statewide because of the Temple Model School which opened in 1904. The school became a model for other schools in its agricultural and homemaking programs and its horse-drawn transportation system. Temple had the Nations 1st School Bus.

Since Temple was settled seventeen years after the close of the Civil War, it has sent its sons to World War I, World War II, and to the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. The town's development can be traced through the cotton farming era, the Great Depression, and the present time when most everyone earns his livelihood through employment in area businesses and industries.

The city of temple was settled in 1882 along the Georgia pacific railroad as it was being built between Atlanta and Birmingham. Temple was named for Major Robert H. Temple, a civil war veteran and chief engineer of the railroad. The town was chartered in 1883.

Before the Ga Pacific Railroad was built through Northern Carroll County, Temple was known as Ringer's Crossroads named from Benjamin F. Ringer who settled here in 1862. At that time there was no business here in Temple, and only Ringers's small log cabin at this lonely spot. The countryside was quiet and serene, with much of the land covered with forest and greenery.

Temple is also known for having the 1st County Agent in the State of Georgia. Pictured to the right is Mr. S.M. Cown 1908.

Temple celebrated its 126th anniversary in 2009 and will continue to keep celebrating each year in September. Temple citizens would like to invite one and all to join them for the quiet country living and a wonderful celebration. View the website calendar to see celebration dates.

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Late Bills & Water Disconnect Day

How it works:

  • Utility bills are mailed out the first week of each month, and are due by the 20th.
  • Bills that are recieved after the 20th are subject to a 10% penalty charge.
  • Any past due bills that are not paid before the 10th of each month are subject to disconnect.
  • Any payment made on a delinquent account on or after the 10th are subject to a $50 reconnect fee.

Closed During Lunch

Temple City Hall will be closed for lunch from 12 noon till 1pm for your convience we do have a drop box on the right hand side of the building, as well as you may pay your bill online.

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