Temple Police Department

The City of Temple Police Department is dedicated to providing outstanding professional services through community partnerships that build trust, reduce crime, create a safe environment, protect the constitutional rights of our citizens, and enhance the quality of life within our community.

Call us at (770) 562-3151.

Please dial 911 if you have an emergency.

Chief of Police Creig Lee

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Lt. J. Hollowood

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Our core values are..


The Temple Police Departments Administrative Division is staffed by a full-time office manager and a full-time office assistant who is responsible for all support services within the department. These services include providing professional assistance to both the citizens of Temple as well as the individual personnel of the police department.


For all citizens, each other, and for differing points of view, regardless of age, race, gender, appearance, individual beliefs, or lifestyles.


We serve in ways that bring honor to the police profession by building trust, confidence, and respect with the general public. We pledge to treat all people fairly and to fully uphold the constitutional rights of all individuals we encounter.


We serve the public by responding in a professional, courteous, and efficient manner. We will work together with citizens, organizations, and other agencies to proactively solve community problems and to maintain a safe environment. We give dedication to the organization, each other, our families, and the citizens we serve. We are dedicated to working in partnership with the community and each other to reduce crime, improve quality of life and enhance customer service.


We work cooperatively together and with other public safety officials respecting and supporting each other's roles and responsibilities. We encourage and recognize creativity and initiative that further the goals of the City of Temple and its Police Department.

Administrative Division

The Temple Police Departments Administrative Division is staffed by a full-time office manager, a full-time office assistant, and a full-time admin services personnel who are responsible for all support services within the department. These services include providing professional assistance to both the citizens of Temple as well as the individual personnel of the police department.

The Administrative Division works very closely with the various Municipal, Juvenile, and Superior Courts to ensure the proper documentation is available when needed and is maintained accurately, safely, and efficiently.

The Administrative Division maintains all records, reports, and criminal history information within the department and provides reports to courts, insurance companies, and the public as requested.

In addition, the Administrative Division maintains and updates warrants issued by the Municipal Court as well as files for the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Administrative Division also will keep up with and maintain all vehicle repairs and upkeep. As well as other duties assigned.

- Court will be 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. On Court days the office at the police department will be closed.

- The Temple Police Department Administrative Division is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

- Reports are available after 4 to 5 business days, for a fee of $5.00

- Criminal History Background Checks are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. The fee for background checks is $20.00.

- Forms of payment: Cash (Please have exact change available), Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.


Cliff Sanders

Admin Services

Tina Duncan

Chief Clerk/TAC/Office Mgr

Shawmarie Duckworth

Deputy Clerk/Records Clerk/TAC/Office Asst.

Chaplaincy Program

Chaplains assist the departments personnel in those areas where they can offer their own expertise.

• Being called to the scene of a traumatic incident to provide comfort to victims, families of victims, and officers involved.

• Notifying next-of-kin in death or serious injury incidents.

• Offering follow-up assistance to victims of crisis.

• Offering referral or resource assistance.

• Counseling individuals and families experiencing stressful, traumatic situations.

• Training for crisis intervention.

• Presiding at funerals or other religious services as requested.

• Visiting sick or injured department employees.

• Conducting invocations at various department functions.


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Chaplain D. Leyssius

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Chaplain N. Leyssius

Codes Enforcement

Codes Enforcement Department will be under City Hall Division. You may contact them at 770-562-3369.

Criminal Investigation Division

The City of Temple Police Criminal Investigation Division is dedicated to bringing criminals to justice.

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) is tasked with investigating major crimes including, but not limited to, homicide, domestic violence abuse, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, fraud (to include identity theft, Internet scams, forgery, and credit card theft), criminal street gangs, elder abuse, arson, acts of terrorism, and missing persons cases.

CID also makes a significant contribution to the prevention of crime. This is done by analyzing crime data, gathering intelligence information, and recognizing patterns of criminal activity.

When data and patterns of criminal activity yield enough information, the CID may conduct surveillances, execute search warrants, conduct sting operations or initiate a task force in conjunction with other federal, state, or local agencies to address ongoing criminal activity.

Investigators have a high level of expertise in many different fields and deploy a wide variety of techniques to assist in investigations.

To inquire on the status of any case and/or to speak to the CID, or report on-going criminal activity call 770-562-3151 ext. 106. If you have an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, call 911.

What to do if victimized:

Call 9-1-1 for police assistance immediately

Do not touch any article or surface at the scene, as the Investigators may be able to find fingerprints

In the case of sexual assault, do not take a bath or change clothes

Have information such as serial numbers and photographs of your possessions readily accessible

Be Alert: Take notice of people, places and things around you

Make a mental note of vehicle colors and license numbers and the height, weight and facial features of people.

How to avoid being a victim:

Keep all doors and windows locked

Be alert of your surroundings, especially at night and when alone

Do not walk trails alone, walk in pairs (if possible)and always carry a cell phone

Do not leave purses or other valuables visible in automobiles

Keep an inventory, serial numbers, make, model, and photographs of all major articles

Keep Outside lighting on in the evening this can deter a burglar (Ex: porch lights, flood lights, etc.)

Municipal Court

We handle City Ordinance Violations and Violations of the Uniform Traffic Rules Of The Road. Although Municipal Courts are a Court of "limited jurisdiction", they do have jurisdiction over the other misdemeanor violations such as shoplifting under $500.00, violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act (possession of marijuana, less than one ounce), underage possession of alcohol and various other violations.

Temple Municipal Court will strive to handle each case in a fair and expeditious manner. Any individual coming to our Court can count on being treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

We have three to four arraignments every month and one trial every other month. They are scheduled the first and third Friday of each month with some exceptions if a holiday falls on either week. Court starts at 9:00am continues until the session is complete, another session will start at 1:30pm and continue until the session is complete. If you have Trial please arrive by 1:15pm to speak with the City Solicitor about your case before the trial session begins. Please also remember that you cannot wear shorts to court and you cannot have a cell phone on you in the court room. No Exceptions will be allowed.

Payments are accepted Monday thru Friday: to exclude holidays from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You cannot pay a citation the day of court you will have to appear. Also pay cut off time for the day before your court appearance is 12 noon. No payments will be taken after noon you will have to appear.

If you have a question about your citation, you may call the Temple Municipal Court Clerk at (770)562-3151 Ext 105.

How Do I Pay My Fine?


After allowing 2-3 business days from the issue date on the citation, you may call the Court Clerk to ascertain the amount of the standard fine for your violation(s). Certain violations may be disposed of before your assigned Court date. You may check this by calling or accessing the website. If your citation is payable, you may either pay it on-line at www.ezcourtpay.com, or in person at the Temple Police Department which is located at 184 Carrollton St Temple, GA 30179.

Understand that paying before Court may result in points being assessed to your driver's history.

Any questions regarding points or status of your Georgia drivers license must be directed to the Georgia Department of Driver Services @ (678) 413-8400. The Municipal Court Clerk does not have control over the actions of the Department of Driver Services.

Latest date you can pay your citation prior to your Court Date:

We must receive all payments of fines by 12:00 noon on THE DAY BEFORE your court date, if you wait until your court date to try and pay your citation, you will be advised to appear in court.

If you fail to appear in court or you do not pay your citation by your court date a bench warrant will be issued for your Failure to Appear and a $200 contempt fee will be assessed.

Also, your driver's license will be suspended due to your Failure to Appear and you will have to take care of your obligation to the court before the withdrawal will be sent to The Department of Driver Services.

Forms of Payment:


- Cash (in person) MUST BE EXACT CHANGE
- Certified Check/Money Order
- Visa, Discover or MasterCard ( in person or on-line www.ezcourtpay.com )

This Court does not accept personal checks as payment for fines.

What Can I expect On My Court Date?

Your first appearance is what is known as an arraignment. Please arrive on time as the Judge makes some VERY important announcements as to your rights.

Also, please dress appropriately for Court. Court begins with the Judge making some preliminary announcements as to the processes, procedures, options and your rights.

The Judge will then call the docket (list of cases) and ask each person how they wish to plea. This process will continue until each case has been disposed of.

What Are My Plea Options?

The information listed below is NOT legal advice as you have many rights available to you.

Plea of Guilty: An admission of guilt. Depending on the offense, the plea may apply points to your driver's history or have other adverse affects.

Plea of Not Guilty: By pleading not guilty, you may request a bench trial or, if applicable, you may request your case be bound over to Carroll County for a jury trial.

Plea of Nolo Contendere: (Often known as Nolo or No Contest) this plea is only available once every (5) years and is discretionary. This plea requires your appearance in court.

Do I Need To Appear?

These charges that are considered must appear, that the Judge requires your appearance in court are:

- Any violation for a driver who is under 21 years of age other than an adult seat belt charge
- Speeding charge of 85mph or more
- Driving Under the Influence
- Violation of Georgia Controlled Substances Act (possession of marijuana)
- Driving on a Suspended License
- Driving without Valid Insurance
- Hit and Run - Leaving the Scene of an Accident
- Reckless Driving
- Charges arising from an Accident
- Shoplifting
- Underage Possession of Alcohol
- Furnishing Alcohol to Underage Person
- City Code Nuisance Violations
- Passing a school bus loading or unloading
- 2nd offense for Move Over Law
- And certain other violations

Courtroom Guidelines

General Rules

- Be on time
- Throw away any gum, food, and drinks before entering the courtroom
- Stand when the Judge enters and leaves the courtroom
- Stand when you are speaking to the Judge
- Speak clearly when you respond to the Judge's questions
- Always address the Judge as "Your Honor"
- Never interrupt the Judge. If you are unsure of what you heard, wait until the Judge or other person speaking has finished talking before asking a question.
- Enter and leave the courtroom quietly, so you do not disturb others
- Only approach the bench when instructed to do so
- By order of the Honorable Timothy McCreary, Municipal Court Judge and the Chief of Police the following is the enforced rules and dress code of the City of Temple Municipal Court.
- Failure to comply with the dress code will result in you being denied access to the Municipal Court and having your hearing postponed until the next available court date.
- If it should arise that other issues need to be addressed, the Judge, Temple Police, and/or Temple Municipal Court Personnel have the authority to do so.

Dress Code

Garment Wear:

- You should dress business casual
- All shirts should be tucked within your pants
- All pants must be worn at waist level
- Shoes are required

Restricted Garments:

- Shorts or Miniskirts
- Ripped or Torn Pants
- Tank Tops, Tube or Halter Tops, plunging necklines, bare midriffs
- Baggy pants that fall below the waist
- Flip Flops
- Hats or other head coverings inside the courtroom (except those worn for religious or medical purposes)
- Sunglasses
- Wallets with chains
- Headbands
- Visible Undergarments
- Garments with inappropriate graphics or wording (violence, sexual acts, profanity, or illegal drugs)

(If you are not dressed properly, you may be asked to leave the court and return at a later date. This will delay your hearing and require you to appear in court more than once)

Prohibited Items

Electronic Devices:

- All electronic devices (cell phones, pagers, and other noise making devices) must be left in your vehicle
- No cameras or audio recording devices are allowed within the Municipal Court


- Absolutely NO WEAPONS (Guns, Knives, Pepper Spray, etc.)


- No Food, beverages, chewing gum or tobacco products allowed.

Security Precautions

Before entering the court you will go through a security checkpoint. You will be asked to walk through a metal detector and or an Officer will use a wand to check for prohibited items. You will be asked to to allow officers of the court to search any bags, packages or personal belongings that will be taken into the court. If you refuse to cooperate you may be denied entry into the court.


The courtroom is a place of order and structure. You should at all times act in a respectful manner when in the presence of the judge, court staff, attorneys, court officers and other persons attending court. Once the court has made a ruling in your case, continue to be respectful as you exit the courtroom. Attempts to disrupt the court once the judge has made a ruling could result in your being held in contempt (which could include jail time and/or fine).

Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the high standards and integrity of the Department. This function is frequently called "Internal Affairs" in other departments. They conduct internal investigations, staff inspections, and do research to achieve these goals.

The OPS Division is also charged with the task of recruitment and the background investigations of all police applicants. The unit may also conduct special studies and/or investigations as directed by the Chief of Police. All complaints of misconduct are maintained and tracked within the unit.

How to File A Complaint

It is the policy of the Temple Police Department to foster confidence from the citizens of Temple and maintain high professional standards. Our Department investigates all complaints against both sworn and civilian employees. Any investigation or hearing arising from a complaint will be fairly conducted with truth as the primary objective.

How to File A Commendation

Officers of the Temple Police Department strive to provide the best possible law enforcement services available. If you have encountered an officer whom you wish to commend for outstanding performance in the line of duty your comments are welcome and appreciated. Commendations for officers may be mailed to the Temple Police Department. If possible, list the date and time of the incident, the location of the incident, the officer(s) involved and any additional information you wish to share. Commendations will be disseminated through the Chain of Command to the officer for which the commendation is directed and will be made a part of the officer's personnel file.

Steps to Register a Complaint

1. Obtain the name of the officer(s) involved in the incident.
2. Contact the Police Department and ask for that officer's supervisor. If the complaint is against the supervisor, you may ask for the Chief of Police.
3. Citizens may contact the office of the Chief of Police directly, if they desire to do so, by calling (770) 562-3151.
4. Complaints may also be registered in writing, as well as, anonymously. However, anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate.
5. Information pertaining to the incident, including any witnesses' names, should be given to the Police Department representative at the time of the complaint.
6. All incidents will be investigated thoroughly and citizens will be notified of all appropriate information relevant to the complaint at the conclusion of the investigation.

Complaint Outcome Classifications

After the complaint has been thoroughly investigated, the file will be submitted to the Chief of Police for review. All investigations of Departmental employees accused of misconduct will conclude with one of the following classifications being assigned to the complaint:

SUSTAINED - The investigation's findings reveal sufficient evidence to prove the allegations.
NOT SUSTAINED - The investigation's findings reveal insufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the complaint.
EXONERATED - The investigation's findings reveal the acts did occur but were justified, lawful and proper.
UNFOUNDED - The investigation's findings reveal that the acts in the complaint did not occur or did not involve Departmental employees
POLICY FAILURE - The investigation revealed the acts in the complaint did occur but were based on existing policy. Responsibility for the acts resides within Departmental policy and not the employee.
ADMINISTRATIVE INVESTIGATION - The complainant failed to cooperate with the investigation and there is insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion and apply a finding.

The complainant will be advised of the outcome of the investigation. Any discipline as a result of a complaint may include the following: counseling, oral reprimand, remedial training, written reprimand, disciplinary probation, suspension , and demotion or dismissal. Disciplinary actions are personnel matters and are not normally publicly disclosed.

While encouraging the filing of legitimate complaints against employees as means by which they can be held accountable to the public, this department simultaneously seeks to hold members of the public responsible for the filing of false and malicious allegations against police employees. In these latter cases, the complainant will be informed that legal action may be taken against them.

For more information contact:

Office of Professional Standards
184 Carrollton St
Temple, Georgia 30179
(770) 562-3151

Uniformed Patrol Division

We are committed to professionalism, quality community policing concepts, increased safety and security of our citizens, and the highest professional law enforcement standards.

The men and women assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division perform the most visible and recognizable functions of the Police Department. They are the ones that respond to your calls for assistance. You will find them patrolling your neighborhoods, looking for a lost child, comforting the victim of a crime, enforcing traffic laws, investigating motor vehicle accidents, or questioning someone who doesn't appear to belong in your neighborhood. Officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division are, quite often, the agency's first line of defense.

The men and women of the Uniformed Patrol Division stand ready 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year, to answer calls for help ranging from life and death situations to courtesy services extended to the members of our community.

Patrol Division officers perform a wide range of duties, to include:

- Responding to the immediate emergency and non-emergency calls for service within the community
- Enforcing city ordinances, state laws, and federal statutes
- Preserving the public peace
- Preventing, detecting, and investigating crimes
- Protecting lives, property, and individual rights
- Apprehending and prosecuting offenders
- Conduct preliminary investigations of crimes, enforce traffic laws, and promote safety

Our patrol officers emphasize on community policing techniques and are required to complete directed patrols in their areas on a daily basis. This allows the officers to become even more familiar with our community and employees of businesses in their area as well as the community getting to know our officers.

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